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It's difficult to imagine a successful career without a proper educational background. School graduates have to think about entering college or university if they want to obtain sufficient knowledge and skills necessary to work for a prestigious organization. In many cases, wages partially depend on knowledge that one gas gained at a higher educational establishment. Except for having a high GPA and the SAT/ACT/IELTS/Michigan test results, there's one more thing. It is a college application essay.

It has two names - an entrance or application essay. The idea behind it is to prove that you deserve to be accepted on board more than other high school graduates. The acceptance rates of the world's top university go down with every new year. While Stanford has a 4.65% acceptance rate of the 44,073 applicants, Harvard has this rate set at 5.2% of the 39,506 candidates, which makes it all a real challenge. That is why many applicants search for the keywords "write my essay for college entrance." They look for solutions online, and that is the best decision. While it is not obligatory to write an ordinary school essay of the highest quality, it is different when it comes to an admissions paper.

What is an admission essay? It is a personal statement/statement of purpose - a paper created by the college applicant to become a student of a higher educational institution or special school (e.g., law school). This essay usually consists of a single page, but it does not mean that composing a flawless one is easy. That's why many young people would turn to a college application essay writing service. Luckily for you, we are offering one such solution.

How We Make College Entrants Hit the Target

The good news is that you do not have to write this sort of essay based on credible sources - it prevents you from spending plenty of time on research. As for the formatting, elementary MLA would be enough. What makes this type of writing challenging, then? The answer is obvious: it is not that easy to highlight traits that an admission officer is looking for, and not all students know how to present themselves in the best light. It is difficult to catch the eye of an admission committee.

No matter whether you should follow the specific prompt or come up with your own idea for an admission paper, it's critical to make a candy out of it. The goal is to provide you with a mistake-free, original text that will help you win an admissions process.

What's the secret of a successful application essay? It's critical to put yourself in the admission officer's shoes and decide what can sound like a bang to them. Once you share the basic information with us (such as your skills and personal traits), we will create a stunning paper, convincing the audience of your best intentions. What if you have a specific prompt to follow? The writer from our college admission writing company will:

  • study the questions carefully;
  • let it sink in before the ideas start flowing;
  • brainstorm and collect ideas for the best piece of writing;
  • observe the requirements of the target educational establishment thoroughly;
  • setting up the list of goals to achieve;
  • showcase who you are based on your questionnaire and the requirements of the institution.

The last point refers to composing a unique, winning entrance paper. Each of our writers has their style and voice. However, if you wish your paper to look close to the works that you used to write, attach the samples of your essays to the order form, and the assigned author will mimic your writing style.

Advantages That Our College Application Essay Team Offers

You can go straight into the grown-up working life at any time. You should not hurry up! We highly recommend getting enrolled in the higher educational establishment and obtaining a Master's or Doctor of Science degree to get the best jobs. All alone, it may take you some time to analyze the target educational program, writing standards, and develop a great essay.

We've got your back! Our personal statement writers are aware of various requirements prospective that applicants should be compliant with if they wish to win an admission process. Our company has helped thousands of applicants to become college students. We have been on the market since the early 2000s. The local application essay writers know how to present your story in a way that would grab everyone's attention. Here are the benefits that our customers enjoy most of all:

  1. Top-notch authors
    Our vetted writers possess excellent skills and qualifications. We know that as our hiring managers and writer's mentors select employees to join the writing department extra strictly. After all, we deal with the most responsible type of academic work.
  2. Generous discounts
    Services that help to enroll at a college are never very cheap. With the help of our special offers and bonus systems, students can easily afford to buy winning personal statements. The prices are initially attractive, but don't miss a discount to make them even more pleasant!
  3. User-friendly refund policy
    Our full refund policy is here to promote fairness and transparency. This guarantee makes clients sleep well, knowing that even if the writer does not meet their expectations (low quality or late delivery), they will get all the money back to the last cent/penny.
  4. Only authentic content
    That is true that our company creates and sells 100% unique texts. Otherwise, an admissions board will accuse a candidate of plagiarism and refuse to continue the application process with them. The Quality Assurance team scans each text with pro tools to eliminate copied content.
  5. Multi-channel delivery
    At our essay writing service, we deliver papers fast. Apart from providing the deadlines (that we always meet), we suggest that you share your personal contacts (if you want) to obtain a finished work to your email, for instance. You'll get a polished college application essay to your personal account.

As you can see, this application essay writing service is full of advantages. We have plenty of other outstanding things that make us special, and we recommend to keep reading this article if you wish to find out more details.

Who Will Write an Application Essay for You?

We believe that you would agree that it is better to find a professional, certified admission essay writer from a legal business company instead of risking your only chance of entering school or college that you want. Every customer will find a subject matter expert on our website. There are at least 150 talented authors ready to write an application essay for you at any moment, whether you enter our site at night or day.

A process of recruiting school admissions writers should be strict. For many students, it is the only chance to get enrolled. We have no right to dash the dreams of an enthusiastic applicant, and that's why the process of selecting writers and editors at our college application writing service is challenging. It consists of the resume and cover letter submission, first interview, multiple-choice questions, sample essay writing, second interview, and final surprise test. We accept only 9% of all applicants, but it doesn't mean our company lacks writers.

Unlike many other college admission essay websites, we do not hire inexperienced writers just to save money. Our team is ready to pay well if the writer shows positive results. To preserve quality, we make sure that we have everything that a successful writing company needs.

  • A large pool of experts
  • Specialists in different fields
  • Pros who have English as a native language (ENL)
  • Authors and editors with Master's and Ph.D. degrees
  • Writers with 4+ years of relevant experience
  • A chance for the customer to choose a particular expert.

"Who will write my essay?"

Now, you know the answer. Your expert will write your ordered paper flawlessly, sending all the necessary quality reports upon your request. The returning clients may choose to work with the same writer from this college application essay writing service over and over again.

To focus on your personal life and save time, use our admission writing service. You can buy custom papers of any type from a pro, but personal statements are our top priority. What kind of college do you plan to enter? Share it with us, and we'll compose the best admission essay to enroll at college, university, or special school.

Get familiar with our terms of service and privacy policies to realize why using this company is 100% safe. If you're tired of getting low grades or working on an application essay, let us know.


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